German - Japan - Bowl 2010

On April 24, 2010 Germany will meet Japan for the first time in a national team contest in the Germany-Japan Bowl in the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf. The organizer of the game is DüsseldorfCongress, the operating company of the ESPRIT arena.

The Kickoff will be at 19:00h.

President of the German American Football Federation (AFVD- American Football Verband Deutschland), Robert Huber says, "This game is an absolute highlight in the history of our federation. With Japan we will play against the second strongest country in the world next to the United States. This game will not only be a game to prepare our national team for the upcoming European Championship but will also help our national team determine its playing level internationally".

Düsseldorf best choice for the game

There could not be a better choice of venue for a game between Germany and Japan than the Düsseldorf ESPRIT arena. Düsseldorf is well known for its many connections and relationships to Japan. More than 200 Japanese companies have offices in Düsseldorf and about half of these companies have either their German or European Headquarters based in Düsseldorf. This special relationship between Düsseldorf and Japan for this game is further grounded in Düsseldorf's special connection to American Football. The oldest existing active American Football club in Germany, Düsseldorf Panthers, is based in Düsseldorf. Thanks to RHEIN FIRE American Football became a big event in the arena starting in 1995. The ESPRIT arena has 51,500 seats and a roof that can be closed completely within 30 minutes. This international game provides a good occasion to once again celebrate a big football event in this modern arena.

Even before the game, you can expect a typical football tailgate program for the whole family.